Computer & Electronics Trend Report first half of 2019


Across Europe we saw a slight growth in the Computer & Electronics industry during the first half of 2019. Number of Sales increased by 5% YOY and order value by 1%. But looking at the average increase in OV by active program we noted a significant growth rate of 30% YOY, compared to just 16% during the first half of 2018 YOY.

Looking at seasonality, the month of January was especially strong in 2019 with an OV 72% higher than the average other 5 months in the first half of 2019.




AOV insignificantly decreased to 159 € in Europe, while the value across all industries is at a much lower level of 67 €. Outstanding countries in Electronics AOV are Italy (252 € compared to 56 € across all industries), the Netherlands (228 € vs. 93 €) and Switzerland (222 € vs. 137 €). Smartphone AOV remained stable at 162 € in Europe in Electronics, compared to 63 € across all industries.




Mobile sales increased by 45% YOY to the high level of 20,4% across Europe. Leading country in mobile sales remains the Netherlands with now 36,3% and an increase of 43% YOY.




Highest growth in Poland!

The biggest player in H1 2019 in the Computer & Electronics industry was Poland with an increase in OV of 74% YOY. The Polish market now accounts for 23% of the whole European order value in this segment and has left the UK behind, who now holds 20%.




Price Comparison Sites are catching up

Looking at the publisher models across Europe, the top seller at the beginning of 2019 remained Coupon/Discount codes (25%) and Cashback/Loyalty (19%), but the biggest increase was achieved by Price comparison with +36% YOY now accounting for 14% of the total Computer & Electronics OV.




Key facts for Coupons/Discount codes/Deals in Computer &  Electronics:



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