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Click-to-buy technology makes editorial images shopable!

As a consumer, you see something online, you like it, you want to buy it… but where did that fashion blogger get that bag? Images are powerful, worth a 1000 words (so they say). So if images could directly translate into sales in a measurable manner, bloggers would be in the money! It turns out that images are worth a lot more than words, now they’re worth cash, Benjamin’s, moolah, bucks…

We’ve partnered with Curalate, the leading visual commerce platform, to roll out its in-image purchase technology across our publisher network. Which means any of the publishers in our network can use this technology to monetise their visual editorial content using Curalate Reveal , for free! Publishers can leverage Instagram in the same way, using Curalate Like2Buy they can connect content to advertisers’ product pages. Consequently, social imagery can generate incremental traffic and revenue.

Rachybop has embedded her Instagram feed on her blog and is using Curalate Like2Buy technology to embed links to products in her photos. The Disney Store is happy because she’s promoting and selling its products and Rachybop is happy because she makes a commission on every sale. Win win!

rachybop blograchybop curalate example

Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, Aye Lined is using Curalate Reveal to promote and sell Body Shop products on her blog!

Aye Lined - body shop promo

Getting involved is easy: if you’re already part of our network, all you need to do is create a Curalate account. If you’re not already one of our 180,000 publishers, sign up here to get started and then create your Curalate account. Sign up today and start monetising your traffic on day one.