Claudia Batschi-Rota on takeaways during covid-19 and upcoming trends


Claudia Batschi-Rota, Country Manager DACH at Tradedoubler, attended the first CWC Digital Breakfast – an event to exchange ideas about takeaways from the covid-19 crisis and present trends for tomorrow. 


Claudia presented learnings from our COVID everyday life as well as business models of affiliate partners, which are currently very well suited to push promotions out of the crisis. Her credo: Learn from the last three months which have been very exhausting for all of us! If you are as awake, open, and flexible as possible, as well as having a talent for improvisation, you have the best prerequisites to adapt and learn many lessons from the crisis!

Current trends, to which we should all adopt, include a stronger local focus and individual offers from many providers – even for global brands. Furthermore, a shift in the AIDA model of advertising channels from previously purely CPM-oriented placements to higher performance, as well as an increasing relevance of content websites for generating sales and new customers.

Broken down into product areas, those with the strongest current sales growth are all products for and around the home: such as furniture, food, or delivery services. In the future, fashion and electronics will continue to grow most strongly.

To draw a direct link from the above-mentioned trends into practice, Claudia finally brought along five business models and partner suggestions especially for that auditorium that can provide very good short-term support in getting out of the crisis and are very promising for the future.


Secret Escapes

  •  Known as an advertiser, Secret Escape is now also providing offers around the topic of travel from other advertisers- Placement in the very high-quality lifestyle blog of the brand or via newsletter
  • Compensation on CPC



  • over 5,5 Mio users- very active userbase
  • Website is positively associated with happy moments like parties, meetings, catch-ups with friends
  • strong user base between 25 and 44 y/o with high education and income



  • AI-optimized and user-centered advertising- Very good effects with an increase in incremental sales- Reduces purchase abandonments
  • Placement e.g. on revpage, a user-specific offer page



  • specific targeting based on account data- Data protection compliant, due to real-time without any data storage- suited for generating new customers
  • valuable insights about the purchase time of certain products


Premium Content Partners

  • Upday News
  • Yahoo


Among many other topics, the auditorium was especially interested in which models should be used currently to at least maintain the current level of revenue. According to Claudia, one should provide several channels/partners with an extra budget if possible. However, if you want to expand an affiliate area, the premium content area is currently the most promising.


If you have any questions about the CWC-Breakfast or the mentioned partners above, please contact your Tradedoubler contact person. We will gladly send you further information and set up a common appointment.

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