Tradedoubler launches Chrome Extension and more new features for Publisher Interface


In December Tradedoubler released a Google Chrome Extension for publishers providing access to their account and available programs – anytime and anywhere. In addition, we have further expanded a Digital Wallets Report to create more transparency on the payment status of digital wallets.


New features in detail:

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension provides quick access to your publisher account with a comprehensive overview of total earnings, statistics and integrated detection of Tradedoubler programs. In addition to that, publishers can easily apply to programs and generate a deep link directly in the tool.



Easy overview of your ‘Total Earnings’ summary including ‘Account balance’, ‘Ready for payment’ and ‘Waiting for payment’. Even more insights are delivered through statistics including impressions, clicks, leads, sales & commission in real-time and one month backwards.


Dashboard Chrome



The extension now enables publishers to detect directly in their Google Search if an advertiser is a Tradedoubler client. Publishers can easily apply for new programs through their browser – anytime. Furthermore, publishers can see their commission structure per program directly.


Programs Chrome


Deep Link Generator

In case of the program being a Tradedoubler one, the following section is displayed on the affiliate’s website.


DeepLink Chrome


Simply choose one of your sites, set an Epi, Epi2 and grab your link or deep-link – the grabbed link changes instantly if you go to a product page.

The Chrome Extension is now available on Google Chrome Webstore!


Digital Wallets Report

Many publishers work with tenancies for placements and bonus payments, we group these under the term Digital Wallets. Last month we have included two extra fields in our statistic reports: positive digital wallets and negative digital wallets.

This month we are launching a Digital Wallets Report detailing each digital wallet. Publishers are now able to filter by payment status – enabling a quick overview of open digital wallets or wallets that already have been paid.

The Digital Wallets Report can be found in the Publisher Interface for all roles, as well as through the API.


For further questions or support regarding both new features please contact your local Publisher Manager.

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