Expert Interview: The Christmas Sales with Tradedoubler PVN

Christmas is already one month away. So, it is time to start promoting your Christmas sales. Do you want to know how to do it best? With the partner management solution Tradedoubler PVN, you can self-manage all your affiliate marketing activities with the best technology to increase your sales at the end of the year.

juan carlos
Juan Carlos CalabuigHead of Global Sales


Hi Juan Carlos! First, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your work with Tradedoubler PVN?

Hi! I have worked at Tradedoubler for the last 11 years in different roles and positions, where I gained confidence and expertise to develop professionally and personally. Currently, I’m facing the beauty challenge of representing Tradedoubler for potential clients and partnerships in Spain as Head of Global Sales.

Can you please introduce Tradedoubler PVN to us?

Our PVN (Private Network) solution is a platform to track and manage all your affiliate marketing activity and direct partnerships with our white-label global partner management solution, whether digital channels such as search, display, email, or individual traffic sources or affiliate partners.

What are the main features that increase sales?

· Cookieless Tracking
· Voucher Code Tracking
· Product Feed Management

Which clients do you recommend using Tradedoubler PVN and not the Tradedoubler network or for SEMs Grow?

Those clients have accumulated some years with an affiliate program through a network and are ready to step forward with their private affiliate network. PVN is also suitable for clients who want to run different affiliate markets simultaneously on the same platform in order to benefit from the all-in-one technology.

What is unique about Tradedoubler PVN?

Tradedoubler PVN allows you to track, measure, and control all your affiliate marketing activity in real-time and with the robust and accurate tracking technology from Tradedoubler under the same platform. It can also be branded and personalized with your brand guidelines so you can have a unique experience. These points, together with the centralized payment solutions, create a unique tool for clients, agencies, and publishers who want to step forward in the affiliate landscape.

What is needed to start successfully with the partner management solution?

To successfully launch a private network with our technology, you must have a bunch of partners and affiliates to connect with. Once you have the audience and all your products, promotions, and banners in the platform it’s very easy to connect with your partners and start generating conversions. Apart from this, you need a dedicated person in your team who is responsible for contacting the partners and the Tradedoubler team to make the most of it.

Christmas Sales

What can clients achieve through Tradedoubler PVN during the Christmas Season?

They can run different affiliate programs and campaigns running at the same time under the PVN solution. So they can run several campaigns, reducing their acquisition cost and taking total control of all the activity. Especially at Christmas when you need to pay attention to all KPIs and perform actions quickly with our solution. Easy, quick, and cost reduction for your peak season.

What are the three main benefits of using Tradedoubler PVN for Christmas promotions?

· API’s
· Real-Time statistics
· Cost Reduction

Do you have best practices for successful performance with the partner management solution for us?

Whether you are a direct client or an agency, you should have all the campaigns with our cookieless tracking implemented to leverage the measurement of all conversions. After this, all material and promotions should be up to date, as well as the commissions for all partners. Use our newsletter tool to communicate with publishers about new offers or commission increases and make payments in time with our centralized payment system. All these tips with our dedicated and tailored service will take your affiliate activity to another level.

Increase your Christmas Sales now!

Do you want to increase your performance during the Christmas Season? Then get in touch with our experts and start with Tradedoubler PVN now!

About Tradoubler PVN

Tradedoubler PVN

Tradedoubler PVN is a unique white-label solution based on a Private Virtual Network. Through it, we provide you with the possibility of managing as many advertisers and publishers as you want directly through one central platform.

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