Blockchain and Affiliate Marketing

How Blockchain will revolutionise Affiliate Marketing The following article was published on LinkedIn. The affiliate marketing industry was worth approx. 13 Billion US $ in 2018 with annual growth of 12%. Affiliate Marketing is used by 80% of brands, is one of the most profitable forms of online advertising and...

Publisher Spotlight: Metapic

Find out more about Metapic and how Influencer Marketing can help you grow. Charlotte Smith also told us about what they do and their plans for 2019.

Publisher Spotlight: PriceSpy

We interviewed Mattias Sjöblom from PriceSpy. Get to know their core business, the difference between them and other price comparison tools, along with the advantages of working with them.

Publisher Spotlight: digidip

Interview with Benjamin Boucher from digidip. Read about the benefits for advertisers working with them, some other exciting news and his thoughts on affiliate marketing.

Publisher Spotlight: Increasingly

Sri Sharma from Increasingly, told us about his background in the performance marketing, interesting information about the company and his thoughts on AI in the affiliate and performance marketing industry.