Publisher Spotlight: Smarter Click

We week we caught up with David Ayre, Country Manager of Smarter Click, to find out more about how their full user journey re-marketing services help manage client campaigns on performance metrics to increase their conversions, reduce their abandonment rates, and drive new customers.

Advertiser Masterclass

Our Advertiser Masterclass is an event we hold every month to welcome our new clients, as well as new contacts on existing programs. The idea is to give you an overview of our service, how we work and overview of our platform/ ideas on strategies for your business.

PAYBACK started with Tradedoubler in Austria

At the beginning of May, PAYBACK, the first multi-partner bonus program, which is already market leader in five countries, also launched in Austria. Renowned partner programs from Tradedoubler have been included since the launch

Discussing Influencer Marketing with Shoop

Shoop Germany works with over 2,000 retailers to help customers earn cashback every time they shop online. We talk with Sebastian Atanassov, Head of Business Development at Shoop Germany, about his experiences with influencer marketing.  

Publisher Spotlight: RevLifter

Publisher Spotlight: RevLifter   Last week we caught up with Simon Bird, Co-Founder of RevLifter, to find out more about how their AI Marketing Technology service helps online retailers to take control of their promotions delivery and deliver incremental value.   How long have you worked in the affiliate marketing...

Motivate your publishers with… Incentives

Motivate your publishers with… Incentives In the previous weeks we have written about how you can motivate your publishers with commissions and an affiliate day, but you can also do this with setting up incentives. Incentives can take many different forms, we’ll inform you about some of them but these...

Q&A with Global Saving Group’s Pierre Warin

Q&A with Global Saving Group’s Pierre Warin Tradedoubler’s very own Jesper Johansson recently caught up with the team at Global Savings Group. Special thanks to Pierre, Key Account Manager at Global Savings Group for joining us for this Q&A. Let’s jump straight into it!         Describe a...