The Boxing Day and Affiliate Marketing

On 26th December is not only the day after Christmas. There is also Boxing Day and with this the beginning of the winter sales. That means it`s finally time to start preparing your campaigns to maximize the sales again end of the year.

What is the Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is a shopping holiday with low prices and good deals. That is because retailers want to sell the products that didn’t sell over the year. Moreover, it is not only a day to make room for new collections, but also to sort out their things. That is why many people donate their clothes, Christmas gifts or food to charity.

What does Boxing Day mean to Affiliate Marketing?

In the UK, Boxing Day is just as important as Black Friday. One reason is the holiday when many people do not have to work and have time to shop. Another reason is the start of the winter sales. Therefore, Boxing Day is a chance to increase sales once again at the end of the year. Here the offer varies a lot, there are discounts from 10 % up to 70 %. That means you can customise your offer.

The good thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can achieve a high increase in visitors, new customers and sales through targeted promotions and product placements from advertisers. It is one of the most lucrative ways of marketing for Black Friday and therefore also for Boxing Day.

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