Black Week 2021 – The review

The Black Week 2021 has come to an end and with it hopefully the most successful month of the year. Now the question is how successful it was. As in the last Black Friday articles we use Tradedoubler data to analyse the Black Week event.

The increase through the Black Week

We compared Black Week data with the week before (CW46) to illustrate the differences. The result is impressive! As you can see the number of sales increased by over 50%. In addition, the average order value increased by 25% and total order value by over 90%. It clearly indicates that people are willing to spend more during Black Week than during normal weeks.

Black Week 2021
*The increase from the previous week to Black Week of the different countries

The Black Week increase 2021

If you compare the generated order value to last year, the uplift is with 22% exciting as well.

Black Week 2021

*Order Value on Black Week 2021 compared with the year before

Black Week 2020 and 2021 comparison

If we compare Black Week this year with last year, we can see that Black Friday is the most relevant day for affiliate marketing during this week. And this although discounts are already available from Monday.

Black Week 2021
*Daily turnover from Black Week 2020 to Black Week 2021

The use of mobile devices

As we show you in our Black Friday development article, online shopping is moving more and more towards smartphone use. Black Week this year showed that again. Almost half of all sales were made with mobile devices.

Black Week 2021
*Sales YoY compared with the use of mobile devices on Black Week

We hope you were able to make November your strongest month of the year!

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