Black Friday showed record results across EMEA


Tradedoubler’s Black Friday showed record numbers across EMEA! Compared to 2016 the EMEA order value went up by 71%, number of sales by 39%, the average order value by 23% and the average order value on Smartphones by 20%. Top performing country 2017 again was Sweden.

Some countries really stood out. Highest growth in order value compared to 2016 have been achieved in the Netherlands (+193%), Poland (+161%), Spain (+136%), France (+101%) and Germany (+91%). The importance of Black Friday has increased significantly across EMEA.

In terms of mobile sales most countries are trying to catch up with the early adopters. The biggest increase in mobile sales compared to 2016 have been achieved in Germany and Switzerland (both +54%), followed by the Netherlands (+40%), France (+35%) and Italy (+32%). In absolute numbers Sweden and the UK remain the leaders in mobile sales, but others are catching up:

The EMEA average order value for 2017 so far is 82 €. On Black Friday 2017 it rose to 121 €, which is a 23% increase compared to Black Friday 2016. The top four countries were:

We are seeing that shopping on smartphones is becoming more and more popular. The average order value on smartphones rose to a global average of 99 €. Top four countries were:

Across EMEA, the three industries that generated most order value on Black Friday have also shown significant growth rates compared to Black Friday 2016:

For Computer & Electronics Black Friday is the most significant business driver across the whole of EMEA. Average order value on an average day in 2017 so far was 138 €, on Black Friday the AOV more than doubled to 278 €. Number of sales in this industry on Black Friday went up to 632% compared to an average day in 2017. This number has just been beaten by the Shopping & Retail industry, where Black Friday’s number of sales went up to an incredible 692% compared to an average day in 2017. The average across all industries is 523%, so definitely all industries do benefit from this special day.


Key facts for all countries can be found on the local Tradedoubler Websites. Please find below the key facts for the UK:


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