Good to know for Back-to-School season

The Back-to-School season is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers and publishers to create a successful affiliate marketing campaign. You can engage with your existing target group and win new clients in the  education area with a variety of industries to focus on. Some examples are Fashion, Health & Beauty, Computers & Electronics, Telecommunication, etc.

To help you stand out from your competitors, we have some magic Good to Know tricks for your back-to-school campaign.

Good to Know 1: Start at the right time

Finding the right time to advertise is a very crucial point. If your campaign starts too early, no one will be interested. The same applies if you promote too late. The target group would have already bought their school supplies and will no longer need your offered products. Therefore, it is essential to know the student holiday calendar in different countries and regions early on.

Add on: You also need time to prepare!

Good to Know 2: Know your target group

Whether your target group has been very broad or rather small, you should now focus on pupils, students, teachers, and parents. It is important to address the younger target group in their language. Influencer marketing can be an excellent way to successfully addressing the younger target group.

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Good to Know 3: Promotions, Vouchers, Discounts

As with every campaign, it is important that the goals of the campaign are clearly defined by all of those involved. This way you know which discounts to expect this school year. Are they promotions, Vouchers, or Discounts? Or even something else? Make sure you promote attractive offers to reach your marketing goal, as reduced prices attract customers. Because who wants to pay the total price when you can have the product for less?

Good to Know 4: Focus on your unique products / offers

No matter if you are an advertiser or a publisher. Focusing on your unique products or offers is very important during the back-to-school season. The consumer is flooded with offers and products and has to make a decision. So only the unique elements will stand out. The good thing about a Back-to-School campaign is that the product range is very comprehensive. Make sure you know what your target group is looking for during this time.

Are you ready for Back-to-School?

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