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This is the App Booster solution of Tradedoubler

The world of mobile apps is becoming increasingly successful, as also shown by the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Data. In 2020, 111 billion dollars were spent on in-app purchases worldwide, which is 30% more than in 2019. In the same year, there was a rise of 70% in ad placement and spending on mobile ads of 290 billion dollars (source: AppAnnie).

The trend has thus disproved the hypothesis of a few years ago that questioned the use of mobile services. Therefore, today it makes more sense than ever to provide consumers with a mobile app or at least a mobile web service “covered” by an app.

In fact, given the enormous competition, it is unthinkable to imagine an ROI for an app or a mobile service without appropriate promotional actions.

An App Booster that makes your app fly

Tradedoubler has recently expanded its offer by providing its customers with a specific promotional package for the mobile service. Confirming its business mission, Tradedoubler offers a performance-based App Booster.

Here is the promise the same as the entire Tradedoubler offer: The customer pays for performance. The event attribution provided by Tradedoubler can be the finalization of a download, the opening of an app by the user and the specific action carried out within the app, such as a purchase.

The required process is extremely simple and fast. After the customer registers on the platform, we proceed to the briefing to share the objectives and define the budget. Then the integration is done via the SDK of any MMP already used by the client. The Tradedoubler solution integrates with the most popular mobile measurement partner platforms (MMP Appsflyer, Adjust, Kochava, Singular and Branch), which offer advanced metrics for attributing downloads and analysing user behaviour insight the app.

The process continues with the confirmation of the campaign and the signing of the contract. Under the control of the specialists at Tradedoubler, the process continues with event attribution, the realisation of the creative, testing and live campaigning.

The advantages of the mobile offer from Tradedoubler

The reasons for relying on the App Booster solution from Tradedoubler are remarkable; we can summarize them in five points:

1. Tracked Performance. Thanks to the integration with major Mobile Measurement Partners, we can track the performance of downloads, app openings and events in-app as leads and sales.

2. Selected Network. Once the audience has been defined together with the client, Tradedoubler manages the Ads to push the app into the best inventory, taking advantage of the quality of the Tradedoubler publisher network.

3. Formats of all. The effectiveness of the message also depends on the format. The delivery platform of Tradedoubler provides up to 6 display and video formats, perfect for enhancing each CTA.

 4. Quickness and flexibility. From the first contact through the briefing for the definition of the KPIs to the definition of creativity and budget, the account managers at Tradedoubler are always at the client’s side to make the campaign fly in just seven days, complete with the A/B test!

5. Minimum and guaranteed budget. With a minimum investment of 5.000 €, the client is guaranteed performance! As it is known, at Tradedoubler, we have always worked on performance. Download, open, event on the app: The client pays only for the result obtained.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the new App Booster offer of Tradedoubler, please get in touch with our team >>

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