Affiliate Easter: More sales at Easter

Easter eggs, rabbits, chicks, and so on – Yes, it’s that time again. The festive Easter season is coming in big jumps. Since Easter presents are not to be missed, people are spending more in online shops at this time. That makes affiliate marketing the ideal marketing strategy, but how can you make your marketing campaign successful between all the Easter promotions and discounts?

Maximize your Easter marketing activities:

1. Know what your consumers want

Almost every industry offers special promotions in spring – dating, fitness programmes, short trips, spring fashion, environmental promotions, new electronics, diets and more. As an advertiser and publisher, you can utilise these peaks wisely in your affiliate programme at Easter. Therefore, focus on offers for products that consumers are looking for during Spring.

2. Analysis is a must

If you have already gained experience in affiliate marketing, you have the great advantage of being able to analyse your past performance. Look at your performance from previous years at Easter – which sectors and offers have performed best? Then put your focus on that and benefit from your experience.

3. Know your USP

Your USP makes you individual. So use it to stand out among all the competitors with a great deal. Because both advertisers and publishers can profit in the best possible way from the limited and exclusive Easter deals. As an advertiser, you will receive the highest sales via your affiliate program, and as a publisher, you will receive higher commissions than from ordinary products.

4. Open new doors

It is a challenge to catch your customers attention with new ideas at Easter, but that’s what is so important and should be the focus for brands. Otherwise, you will get lost among the Easter egg hunts, raffles, and Easter marketing banners and lose potential sales. So, find new and unique ideas for your marketing campaign.

The quicker, the better

As with other shopping events such as Black Friday, at Easter, it’s also: come first, serve first. So get in touch with our experts now before someone else benefits from reach, visibility, and traffic! We find the best partners for your Easter campaign >>

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