Affiliate Easter: More sales at Easter with Tradedoubler PVN

People love Easter gifts, so they spend more money in online shops this season.That makes affiliate marketing the perfect marketing strategy at this time. With Tradedoubler PVN, you can manage all your Easter marketing activities only through one platform and benefit from helpful features that make your campaign even more successful.

Why should I use Tradedoubler PVN?

The best way to get the most out of your Easter sales is to find the right partner for your campaign. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand, a publisher, or an agency – with Tradedoubler PVN, it is much easier to connect the right partner to the right program if you want to develop and manage your partner program by yourself. Additionally, the partner management solution is equipped with constantly improved features starting with publisher commission setting to product level tracking, managing ads, and more.

Maximise your Easter marketing activities with Tradedoubler PVN…

…as a brand

Tradedoubler PVN brings many useful features to every kind of client. The best thing is the ability to work on all your activities for each program, product, or campaign through one advertiser PVN account. This allows you to easily and timesaving manage your Easter campaign through an all-in-one platform, which you can brand with your Corporate Identity.

…as a publisher

Through Tradedoubler PVN, you can benefit from its technology during the Easter season and afterward. The solution allows you to create multiple sites, connect them to different programs and track all events you are generating for each type of affiliate activity. You can also benefit from the different features, such as tracking, statistics, reposts, etc. that will help you to analyse your Easter performance easily.

…as an agency

Tradedoubler PVN helps you manage your programs, affiliates, and campaign efficiently and intuitively, streamlining the process of contracting, tracking, paying, commissioning, and evaluating performance across channels and devices during the Easter season and afterward. As an agency, you can also give your clients access to a branded platform, where brands can create some of their own programs, and publishers can apply to programs and see their performance. Here, you can decide what your clients have access to.

Get more Easter sales now!

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