Advertiser Spotlight: SanSiro


Can you please introduce yourself briefly and tell us something about your job at SanSiro?

My name is Wolfgang Schallert and I have been one of the two Managing Directors at Play Art Multimedia Handels GmbH since 1997. There we have also been selling our SanSiro BIO coffee and tea for almost 6 months now. At SanSiro, I am responsible for the strategic direction of the brand and take care of the company’s financial issues.


Could you please introduce SanSiro to us?

SanSiro stands for coffee and tea enjoyment in perfection. We roast our beans with traditional drum roasting for a coffee that tastes good and has an intense aroma. Inspiration, taste and pure enjoyment combined. We also prepare tea in a few seconds using the capsule machine. Insert the capsule, press the button and enjoy. Enjoy good coffee with a clear conscience. Our CO2-neutrally produced coffee does not harm our environment and is made for a sustainable future in the coffee industry.


What is unique about SanSiro?

People are starting to rethink the environment. The pandemic in particular has shown once again that the issue of sustainability and environmental protection is extremely important to very many. This is exactly where we tie in with our BIO-certified and CO2-neutral products. The aluminum capsules have fallen into disrepute due to the waste of resources and here we have a solution, our industrially compostable capsules for coffee and tea. That means that with our concept we are meeting the ravages of time.


Were there any particular successes or challenges for SanSiro in the last few months and how did you deal with them?

We haven’t been on the market that long with SanSiro, so we are still at the beginning, so to speak, but the topic is very exciting. The coffee market is huge, but still a highly competitive one. It feels like there is a new online shop every day that offers its own coffee and this is where you have to stand out. We try to do this by placing the issue of sustainability very clearly in the foreground. A lot of emphasis is placed on where our coffee comes from and how it is further processed in order to ensure that we can represent our values with a clear conscience.


Are there any exciting projects or changes coming up soon that you can tell us about?

We are not planning any specific changes. We want to grow strongly and establish Sansiro very clearly on the German market and, of course, beyond its borders as a result. We do not allow ourselves to be restricted here. We are already in talks with potential partners to bring our coffee and tea to England and the Middle East.


What trends do you currently see in your business or in online marketing?

The trend is of course more and more towards online shopping. The pandemic has made it very clear that there is nothing that cannot be bought online. It is now made so easy for everyone to get started with online shopping and the challenge here is that one still stands out with one’s products and offers in this overstimulation.


Thank you, for the great Interview!

Wolfgang Schallert from SanSiro
Wolfgang Schallert, Managing Director


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