Advertiser Spotlight: ProduceShop

Do you want an advertiser with a rationalised catalogue and competitive prices? In our interview with Ronny Soana, you will get all the important information about ProduceShop.



Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Ronny, COO at ProduceShop, a young IT and MKTG enthusiast.

What is the story and the core business value behind ProduceShop?

We started out as a very small company that wanted to offer customers only the perfect product without searching through pages and pages of useless articles. Now that we have become a structured company, nothing has changed: our motto ‘Smart Buy, Easy Life’ still sums up the value of our group MBK and ProduceShop, which is to offer only the best product, at the best price, without endless searching.

Tell us more about your audience and what types of publishers do you work best with?

We certainly noticed higher levels of engagement with our usual target group of publishers, more in line with our mission. As the similarities in the type of communication, interface, and segment increase, so does the response of users to what the publishers are proposing.

What are your payment models?

To meet our customers’ needs, we have chosen to implement as many payment methods as possible, from bank transfers to the best virtual platform-based payment systems. Finally, following current trends and new ways of purchasing, we have integrated installment payments to give customers the opportunity to split their purchases at zero interest.


What are the advantages when a publisher enters into a partnership with ProduceShop?

Among other benefits is being able to associate their own brand with a company like ProduceShop, which over the years has proven to be an important player in the HoReCa market, as well as worthy of its customers’ trust.

What makes ProduceShop an exciting company?

On the customer side, the meeting of two notable benefits: rationalised catalogue and competitive prices. Then, the user experience has been optimised to the maximum so that the purchasing path is simple, fast, and optimal.

On the employee side, the young and dynamic environment is always growing, where new ideas and plans are practically always around the corner.


Why did you join the Tradedoubler network?

We chose to rely on a partner who would give us tangible assurances about our project. Tradedoubler was not simply one reality standing among others but something in which for us there was more than a sign of success.

How long have you had a relationship with Tradedoubler?

We started about a year ago, and the results give us hope for a successful long-term collaboration.


Any exciting plans coming up this year?

Of course, there is always something going on. As a data-driven company, however, we prefer to work on results and plan our next strategy based on these.

Where do you think is the affiliate space heading to in the next year, and what are the main market disruptions?

Proven to be one of the most profitable solutions in performance marketing, I believe that the affiliate is destined to grow more and more as a reality. Publishers and brands could share goals equally, and this is certainly a not inconsiderable driver for the specific segment.

Any other news to share?

Automation and customised UX are just two of the keywords for the upcoming season.

Ronny of produceshop
Ronny Soana, COO at ProduceShop

Thank you, Ronny, for this great Interview!

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