Advertiser Spotlight: PhotoSì

Printing emotions is the passion of PhotoSì. No wonder they also launched Europe’s first photo printing app in 2012 and have more fantastic plans for the future. Read our interview with Francesco Pagano to learn more about this exciting company in the photo printing business.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Francesco Pagano, and I’ve been working at PhotoSì for around 3 years as a Display & Search Specialist. I manage paid advertising campaigns for the web and for the app, with the aim of increasing our online presence via affiliate marketing.

What’s the story and the core business value behind PhotoSì?

PhotoSì S.p.A. is an Italian company that has been in the photo printing business since 1973 and today operates all over the world. We were the first to recognize and exploit the potential of the transition from analog to digital photography: Firstly, in 2006 with the photosì.com website for selling photographic products, and then in 2012 with Europe’s first photo printing app.

Printing emotions is our passion. Thanks to an app and a website that are super simple to use. Our customers can transform their favorite photos into PhotoBooks, Prints, Wall Frames, and personalised Gadgets.

Tell us more about your audience and what types of publishers do you work best?

Italy is our primary market, but we ship our products globally. In the last three years we began to expand into the rest of Europe, especially Spain, France and Germany.

Our audience has the potential to be huge since it includes everyone who loves photography. But our target group consists mainly of women aged 18-55. These are girls (Generation Z and Millennials) and mothers who like to print photos of their family and travels.

For this reason, the ideal publisher is one that offers deals related to holiday periods, seasonal offers, and gift ideas.

What are your payment models?

PhotoSì offers the possibility of paying online with a credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. It’s also possible to pay in cash by choosing delivery to one of 8.000 collection points across Italy.


What are the advantages when a publisher enters into a partnership with PhotoSì?

We at PhotoSì are always on the lookout for the best innovations in online presence via collaborations with new publishers. We want to try out different positioning and explore new opportunities.

What makes PhotoSì an exciting company?

We believe in continuous improvement. Thereforw we focus strongly on technological development to meet the needs of the market and create photographic products that excite our customers.


Why did you join the Tradedoubler network?

Affiliate marketing is a popular channel for users looking for discounts and offers to buy personal items and gifts. Among all the players in the sector, we chose Tradedoubler because they have a vast network of publishers and great customer service which is always available.

How long have you had a relationship with Tradedoubler?

We have been working with Tradedoubler for eight years now, as the company has proven to be a reliable partner.


Do you have any exciting plans coming up this year?

PhotoSì products make valued gifts as they are truly unique. This Christmas, an important project will launch which aims to expand our product range to meet the demands of our customers.

Where do you think is the Affiliate space heading to in the next year, and what are the main market disruptions?

Affiliation is evolving according to the new purchasing habits of users who prefer to shop online today. It remains to see how offline stores will react to the change and how affiliate marketing could provide support.

Publishers who need to expand into Europe with apps and online platforms will definitely play a fundamental role. Thanks to their cooperation, we can grow companies in these markets.

Francesco Pagano - Photosì
Francesco Pagano, Display & Search Specialist at PhotoSì

A big thank you to Francesco for this very informative Interview!

Do you want to establish a partnership with PhotoSì? Don`t hesitate to contact us >>

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