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Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Ludivine and after my graduation from a French Business School, I joined the L’OCCITANE group for one year now. My background helps me to better understand the digital strategy and especially marketing channels. As a digital project leader at L’Occitane, I’m in charge of the acquisition channel in different European countries. I work for the paid search, retargeting and affiliation channels.


Can you introduce L’Occitane and the core business value?

The L’OCCITANE Group is a global manufacturer and retailer of natural cosmetics and well-being products. The business is centred on authentic and quality products. It is through these products, combined with a resilient business model and sustainable development, that we have been able to achieve continual strong performance. Entrepreneurship, team spirit, leading by example and authenticity are the L’OCCITANE Group’s core values.


What sets the L’Occitane affiliate program apart from others?

In Europe, L’Occitane has an affiliate program in different countries: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.  We have different products and offers that allow publishers to target a large audience.

To have a transparent relationship with our publishers, each window we give details of products that will be launched and the different offers we’ll have. With that, publishers better understand what we want to promote at what time and what the global strategy of our company is. Also, to improve the communication and the clarity, each month we send a specific newsletter to our publishers with all information about our offers (images, description, web code, URL).

We’re always available to have a call with the affiliate to speak about the collaboration and find a way to improve it. We’re striving for a win-win partnership to achieve the best possible collaboration. Communication and availability is our key element for our affiliate program. We are always open for feedback from publishers, test new partners or new mechanisms in order to boost performances.


Do you have any upcoming promotions or sales affiliates should be aware of?

Throughout the year, L’Occitane provides various offers with a different threshold. This allows affiliates to communicate on more or less broad targets in order to meet their needs. We make sure to communicate all updates of our offers on time.

At the end of the month, Black Friday is coming to L’Occitane too! For this very strategic period, we offer a 20% discount on all products. An attractive offer that works very well – all our affiliates will communicate about it.


Do you have a specific strategy for Black Friday?

Due to the situation, the strategy really is based on the website and to increase visibility during Black Friday. For L’Occitane, this period is strategic. That’s why we prepare for it a long time before. For the affiliation part, we organize Affiliate Days, a call with 5 or 6 publishers per country to speak about the strategy and develop an action plan. We present all the offers we will have during this period and try to find the best visibility and opportunity we could get that fits with both of our objectives. We will be available at any time to exchange with our partners to have their feedback during the period.


What do you most enjoy about affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing is in constant evolution, each day has his own specificity. What I like is to test new things with a new partnership. It’s important and very exciting to have a new challenge and see what works or not. In addition, as we have an affiliate program in different countries, it’s really nice to see the differences between one country to another. Each one has his specificities and the customer journey is different.


Thank you, Ludivine for the interview!


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