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Can you briefly introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Tomasz Wyczółkowski. I have been working in the e-commerce industry for almost three years.


Can you briefly describe the value Empik brings to customers?
We are one of the most recognizable and popular Polish brands. At Empik we believe that everyone is unique, which is why we celebrate the individuality and diversity of our employees and customers, giving them access to a wide range of quality and inspiring content. We enable you to deepen your curiosity, discover your potential and develop what makes you happy. Whether you like reading books, listening to music, watching movies, or are passionate about board games, travelling, looking after your home garden, playing football or are a fan of summer music festivals – Empik is a kind of catalyst for curiosity, stimulating thinking and discovering fascinating aspects in everyday activities.


What are the benefits of your affiliate program?
Empik is one of the largest Polish brands, which knows its customer well. We have been on the market for over 70 years, offering our customers quality products as well as attractive ways of spending their free time. Due to the wide offer – from culture, through the worlds of cosmetics, electronics, toys to home furnishings – the customer can conveniently buy everything in one place, with free delivery. Empik definitely stands out from the competition – every year we organize hundreds of cultural events surprising customers with innovative solutions. We are where new trends are born.


What is the greatest value of affiliate program from your perspective?
At Empik, we are opening up to new sales channels which, on the one hand, allow us to constantly increase our customer base and on the other hand, build awareness of our product range. Affiliate activities not only support the categories that Empik is mostly associated with, i.e. books, music, film, creative articles but also allow us to show a wide range of other segments, such as toys, cosmetics, electronic or sports equipment. Two years ago became a sales platform, successfully operating in the marketplace model whilst offering a growing assortment of excellent Polish and worldwide brands.


What sets Empik’s affiliate program apart from others?
Definitely our Empik Premium and Empik Premium Free programs. They are a breakthrough in the e-commerce market. Thanks to them our customers can take advantage of free courier deliveries (in the subscription option) to package storage and thousands of collection points scattered all over Poland! Besides, users gain several benefits, including access to Empik Go and extended return periods without receipts. In the times of uncertainty related to the current situation on the market caused by the COVID-19 virus, we meet the expectations of customers not only through shopping facilities but also organize online meetings with their favourite creators and exciting educational workshops for children.


What will be particularly important from your perspective for the last quarter of this year?
We do not know how the situation related to the pandemic will develop and how it will affect the market. We believe that our innovative Empik Premium and Empik Premium Free programs will have a positive impact on logistics issues, i.e. providing free and, above all, safe deliveries to customers in a form convenient for them. Even more so, the offer will be crucial. In the last quarter of the year, we put special emphasis on the gift range, but we are also preparing for Black Friday or the upcoming winter sale. Additionally, in October the autumn edition of the Virtual Book Fair – a feast of literature lovers brought to the online world – will take place.


Thank you, Tomasz for the interview!

If you’d like to find out more about Empik, contact your Tradedoubler contact person.

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