Advertiser Spotlight: Dallmayr

Attractive offers and shopping experiences, high quality and excellent customer service – that’s what you can expect at Alois Dallmayr KG. We interviewed Kristin Thoma (Head of E-Commerce) to tell you more about our German Advertiser.


Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us something about your job at Dallmayr?

My name is Kristin Thoma. I am the Head of E-Commerce at Alois Dallmayr KG. My job is to offer our customers an attractive range of products and a great shopping experience in our online shop and to communicate this accordingly. The key factors are projects for the further development of various features based on the wishes of our users, the management of various online marketing channels and the close exchange with all departments in our company to reflect our quality and our online service.

Can you please also introduce the company to us?

The traditional Munich company Dallmayr looks back on a history of more than three hundred years: Today’s family business under the management of Florian Randlkofer and Wolfgang Wille began with a small shop. The business is divided into the areas of coffee and tea, delicatessen and gastronomy, catering and vending machine service.

The internationally known and renowned delicatessen house Dallmayr includes in its range more than 8,500 products from over a thousand different suppliers. In the main store, meals including delicatessen salads, hot dishes, sauces, soups, pâtisserie and crémes are freshly prepared by over 70 cooks every day and continuously brought to the counters.

In addition to the famous coffee department with its hand-painted porcelain vases, there are another 19 specialist departments in the Dallmayr shop. There are also three different gastronomy concepts in the shop: the champagne & seafood bar-restaurant “Dallmayr Bar & Grill” on the ground floor of the shop, the star restaurant “Alois – Dallmayr Fine Dining” and the classic “Café Bistro Dallmayr” each on the 1st floor.


What makes Dallmayr an exciting company?

Our experience in the various business areas and the combination of these competences make us unique. The fact that Dallmayr is a family business makes us special and can be felt in all areas of the company. Topics such as sustainability and social responsibility are not new to us, they have been a reality in our company for many years now.


What is your focus for Q4? Can you tell us some top sellers that have been in demand in Q4 in previous years and are likely to be again this year?

The 4th quarter is all about Christmas business. The highlight is the Dallmayr Advent calendar every year. But our gifts are also very popular.

Another highlight are the Dallmayr Champagne Weeks.During these weeks, from 1st October to 31st December, we offer exclusive champagnes at top prices.

For Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we offer our customers in Munich and the surrounding area a very special highlight: They can put together their menu online and we will then deliver it to their home on the desired date.

Are there any exciting projects or changes coming up soon that you can tell us about?

An exciting project is our wine advisor, which we launched a few weeks ago in a completely new mobile-first design. The customer only has to answer a few questions and then receives wine recommendations that have been individually selected based on the knowledge of our wine experts.

What trends do you currently see in your business or online marketing?

The entire online food business has received a huge boost from the pandemic. Many customers ordered food online for the first time. Our return rate remained very low, which means that we have kept true to our quality standards even as the volume of orders has increased.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important points for sustainable growth.

Of course, we must and want to constantly improve, and are focusing on long-term growth in the online sector. We would like to convince new customers with our service to buy from us online in the long term.


Why did you start working with Tradedoubler and what do you like best?

We have been working with Tradedoubler as an affiliate marketing partner for many years. Personal support, active impulses and new ideas are very important to us. This makes Tradedoubler a valuable partner for us.

Thank you, Kristin Thoma, for this great Interview!

Kristin Thoma, Head of E-Commerce by Dallmayr
Kristin Thoma, Head of E-Commerce
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