New Year – New Chances: Start the new year with Additional Exposure!

The new year, 2023, has begun. Many people have made new goals to achieve in the new year. The same happens with businesses, they use the new year as a starting point for new opportunities. That means, now is the perfect time to start with Additional Exposure by Metapic!

Why is additional exposure so important at the beginning of the year?

Black Friday and the Christmas promotions are over, and the new year has already started. But why only increase sales at the end of the year when you can maintain the increase and start the new year with successful figures?

Therefore, it is essential to stand out with your offers among all the New Year promotions. Additional Exposure through the Metapic newsletter is an excellent way to do this.

Why additional exposure through the Metapic newsletter?

Newsletter marketing is one of the most successful marketing channels in email marketing, and not without reason, because regularly sent newsletters with good content and an appealing design guarantee constant website traffic and product sales.

This is also shown by the numbers of the various Metapic newsletters in which your brand is featured to get noticed by influencers. Because the best influencers link directly via this newsletter, and you receive the most exposure.

Why Metapic?
· Transparent insights
· Large and broad target group
· Satisfied recipients who interact with the newsletter
· Average Open Rate of 40%

Do you want additional exposure?

Do you want to boost your sales at the beginning of 2023 with additional exposure from Metapic? Then get in touch with our Metapic experts >>

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