5 years with Kornel Draus

Kornel Draus has been with Tradedoubler Poland for 5 years now and has also been in the performance marketing industry since then. The win of the “performance marketing diamonds” with his programme shows that the start in this industry was his right decision.

Kornel Draus
Kornel Draus, Senior Client Development Manager at Tradedoubler Poland

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Analitical, Realist and Calm.

Can you briefly introduce your role at Tradedouber?

I work in the client development team, where I manage affiliate programs for clients like Orange, DOZ.pl, Dyson, Asus, Zooplus.

How would you describe Tradedoubler as an employer?

Tradedoubler is a fantastic place to work. The company offers great development opportunities and creating innovative solutions while maintaining “healthy” balance between work and private life.

What attracted you to the performance marketing industry?

When I started my adventure at Tradedoubler, I didn’t know what exactly performance marketing was. I felt that internet advertising was the future, so I wanted to try it.

What do you like the most about your job, and how would you describe your working environment?

What I like the most is that the effects of our work are measurable. That allows to make decisions based on real data.

What was your best experience in connection with Tradedoubler?

My best experience was, when my programme won the competition “performance marketing diamonds”.

Do you have any tips for those who want to start a career in the industry?

My tips are try new things, ask a lots of questions and share your ideas. These have been the points that have made it easier for me to start in the performance marketing industry.

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