Why low quality Images convert better than high quality


Filip Askviken, CEO at Metapic, the popular Swedish blogger platform, gives some insights on the dos and don’ts for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Basically anyone who sells anything online can benefit from influencer marketing. The biggest and typical blogger is a fashion, life style or interior design blogger. But if you have a product that somebody wants, there is probably somebody writing about something similar somewhere – you just need to find him! We see more and more niche bloggers like for fishing, cars, cooking, etc.

  1. How to find the right influencer and how to approach them?
    The first step to think about is who are the partners you could work with, what would they write about and google them. Then look at how they are building their content, what they are writing about and try to find a way how to get your own product into that. Adapt the messaging around your own product to what the blogger usually write about – like you do in classical PR. The blogger need to understand why your product is a good fit for their readers. This is key to get any sales out of it! Then think about your goal: do you want to sell, do you want to get the branding, do you want to get the traffic to the site or do you just want to drop the cookie to be able to retarget them. And then find a pricing model and set the deal.
  2. What assets to prepare?
    If you want influencers to put up pictures of your products, good images are required. Also send them basic information in a couple of bullet points and ask them to write a text in their own words and style. We’ve seen really good conversions from getting product samples to the influencer. Send them an example of it, let them try it out to actually get a feeling for it and if they like it, pay them for writing about it. They should create the pictures, because they are good at taking pictures that fit their own audience. NA-KD, the famous Swedish fashion brand, actually saw better conversions with lower quality images than with high quality images. Those were not bad pictures, but they feel more genuine and authentic than pure marketing pictures. So if you are able to get influencers to take the pictures in their own settings, that works best.
  3. Manage yourself or find a partner?
    Working with influencers is a lot of manual work, because there are a lot of emails going back and forth. There are two options: Either you put in the manual work yourself or you find a partner to do it. Metapic works with a lot with micro-influencers or mid-influencers and offers a system to facilitate this. Just think about the capacity that you have or find the right partner to facilitate that.
  4. Shall I go for big or small influencers?
    The biggest influencers aren’t always the ones that will bring most sales. The best way is to find smaller niche profiles that don’t have these big amounts of followers that won’t buy anything from you. With bigger influencers you are getting a higher share of followers that are not engaged. With the smaller ones you are getting a higher density of value per follower.
  5. What’s most important when working with influencers?
    Don’t run after the big influencers. Adapt your content and find the right influencers. Even if you manage to land a deal with a big influencer and your product isn’t the right product for their audience, it’s going to be expensive for you.
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