With 3rd Party Cookies Publishers risk to lose more than 50% of revenue


A study recently published by Google reveals that the average revenue of the top global publishers would decrease by over 50% if Google disabled access to cookies. The findings of this study underline the necessity for our advertisers to move to 1st party tracking rather today than tomorrow!


In their recent study “Effect of disabling third-party cookies on publisher revenue” Google ran a randomized controlled experiment to empirically quantify the effect that disabling access to 3rd party cookies would have on the programmatic ad revenue of web publishers. “We observed that for the top 500 global publishers, average revenue in the treatment group decreased by 52%, with a median per-publisher decline of 64%.”, Deepak Ravichandran, Principal Engineer for Google Display Ads, discovered.


Tradedoubler offers an advanced tracking technology that minimises the risk of lost revenue for publishers resulting from 3rd party cookie blocking. Many of our clients are already taking advantage of our 1st Party Cookie validation, such as IKEA and many others. 1st Party Cookie validation, alongside our Cross-Device Tracking, Cookieless Tracking and Exclusive Voucher Tracking solutions, provides our Advertisers with a full and highly detailed overview of their Affiliate activity on Tradedoubler’s network. We have code examples for server-side 1st party integrations and we can support clients through tracking migration. Talk to your Account Manager if you have not upgraded to 1st party tracking yet!


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