2018 Seasonal Calendar


Make sure you’re not missing any key seasonal events with our 2018 Seasonal Calendar, including Tradedoubler events, conferences and seasonal holidays. Our calendar is downloadable here:


Besides presenting you the best events the industry has to offer, we would like you to be aware of what Tradedoubler will provide you this year.


What does the Calendar include?

Here’s some key information on what we’ve included:

Industry Events

We have rounded up the main events the industry has to offer and put them all together in this calendar. These include events such as PI LIVE, the Performance Marketing Awards, dmexo and many other important events and conferences related with the industry. If you are planning on attending any of those events and would like to meet us, please get in touch with our team.

TD Events

Throughout the year we provide plenty of opportunities such as our Advertiser Masterclass and Networking Day, to meet with advertisers and publishers face-to-face and expand your network. The perfect opportunity to strengthen business relationships, exchange ideas and offer a stimulating combination of information, discussion and entertainment. Look out for updates regarding these events throughout the year via our social media channels.

Shopping Days and Bank Holidays

We gathered all the Shopping Days and Bank Holidays to keep track of, strategize for and plan campaigns around. Here are included days like Valentine’s DayMother’s DayBlack Friday and other special days that may be of interest.

Publisher Newsletter

Our Publisher Newsletter is distributed to our subscribed publishers every month and includes latest news, programmes launches as well as key advertiser offers available. Are you a publisher and would like to subscribe to our Newsletter? Sign up now.


If you need more information about any event, or have any questions, please get in touch with our team.

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