20 years with Cathrine Allberg

Since today, Cathrine Allberg has been a part of Tradedoubler for 20 years. She has contributed to the growth of Tradedoubler in the first years and has done great things since 2002.

Cathrine Allberg

Cathrine Allberg, Head of Development

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

Before joining Tradedoubler I was working as a chef and had no idea that I would end up in tech.

What did you want to be when you were little?

Not a grown-up!

Cathrine, you are 20 years at Tradedoubler now. Could you please tell us a little about your career at Tradedoubler during this time?

The company has changed a lot during my time here. It feels like I have worked on several different companies – we have entered different eras, and the company has changed and adapted to those. When I joined Tradedoubler, we were in total of 70 employees in the company spread over our different offices in Europe. We grew to ten times that number, were listed on the Stockholm stock exchange, and developed a platform that was and still is very impressive. One of my strongest memories from when I joined is that I was amazed by all the people in the company, the spirit, the collaboration, and how driven people were to constantly improve and evolve the company – which is still one of the best things with working at Tradedoubler.

You are the Head of Development at Tradedoubler. Can you tell us a bit more about your path within the company?

I started as a trainee in a second-line support role in the development team in Stockholm. I was supposed to be in that role for onboarding and later move into the role as a java developer, but I liked the support role and stayed until I moved into the role as a database developer. Now I have been in the role of Head of Development for almost five years. I have stayed this long because I have never been bored! I am still being challenged and learn new things every day. When I felt I was ready for something new, the company always offered me a new path – a new challenge.

In what ways has Tradedoubler changed since you started?

When I joined the feeling was more like a startup and we grew very quickly as a company, both in terms of people and within the platform. Today the company is more mature, and the direction is very clear. As most companies, we have learned and developed. Many things haven’t changed, and that’s a good thing I believe.

What was your best moment at Tradedoubler?

The best moments have always been related to people I have worked with or still work with – I have met many great people during my time at Tradedoubler and had a lot of fun!

A big thank you goes to Cathrine! You have done an excellent job over the last 20 years, and we look forward to working with you for many more years.

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