Tradedoubler 2+ Challenge with real adventures and a good purpose

Again in 2022 the Tradedoubler team completed 2+ Challenges which resulted in some real adventures and a good purpose: as a result of the effort Tradedoubler donates 5.000 EUR to Hjärnfonden, a Swedish brain research foundation.

What is a Tradedoubler 2+ Challenge?

An activity done together with at least one other colleague from Tradedoubler that requires planning, preparation, training and will challenge you. Ideally it should be something that you have not done like this before. 

We do this to live our core values of being daring, determined, collaborative, analytical and optimistic while donating an amount of money for each participant to a charity chosen by the participants. Besides this we are having a load of fun in the planning and doing of the challenges.

Hjärnfonden Sweden

This year the participants decided to donate 5.000 EUR to Hjärnfonden in Sweden. Hjärnfonden is a brain research foundation that works for a society where all brains can develop their full potential and free from brain diseases.

These were the 2+ Challenges 2022

Challenge 1: Tatra mountains

The Polish Tradedoubler team has climbed peaks in the Tatra mountains together.

2+ challenge
2+ challenge

Challenge 2: Spartan Beast Tenerife

21 km obstacle course on Tenerife with 30 obstacles to being mastered by eight colleagues together.

Challenge 3: September Steps

The development team in Stockholm aimed to maximize their steps in September: the participants reached a number of 2.858.232 steps, which roughly equals the distance from Stockholm to Madrid.

2+ challenge
2+ challenge

Challenge 4: KLM Urban Trail Amsterdam

Some colleagues of the Dutch team did an exceptional running experience of 5 km in Amsterdam. They had to do some crazy things during their run.

Challenge 5: Grande Classique Paris-Versailles

The Grand Classique is a run from Paris to Versailles with a distance of 16,2 km done by some colleagues of the French team.

2+ challenge
2+ challenge

Challenge 6: Clean a beach

Did you ever clean a beach? Our whole Spanish Tradedoubler team did it on Menorca.

Challenge 7: Diving in the big blue

Many of our Polish team dived in the second-deepest diving pool in the world. Now, all participants were certified as SSI Tradedoubler Diver respective Freediver.

2+ challenge
2+ challenge

Challenge 8: Blood Donation

Some colleagues of the French team donate blood as part of the 2+ challenge. One donation saves 3 other people’s lives.

A big thank you to all participants for some great adventures and lots of fun during these challenges!

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