10 years with Veronica Dell’Era

Digital – that`s the passion of Veronica Dell’Era and what she works for. She has been a part of Tradedoubler Italia since 03.11.2011. During this time, Veronica did a great job in her career development from Campaign Manager to Account Director.

Veronica Dell'Era
Veronica Dell’Era (Account Director)

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Veronica and 41 years old. I’m passionate about everything concerning Digital and Digital Marketing. I love sports (in particular snowboarding, running and tennis) and I love reading as well.

Can you please tell us a brief version of your career path before you have started at Tradedoubler?

I’ve been working in a Marketing environment for 14 years of which 13 years about a focus on Digital Marketing. I started working in Company providing services more oriented towards Brand Awareness and Lead Generation before starting my experience in Tradedoubler.

What was the main reason for joining Tradedoubler?

The main reason for joining Tradedoubler was related to the fact that it’s an international company with a strong feeling of cooperation within the country team but among different countries as well.

With which position did you start at Tradedoubler?

I joined Tradedoubler as Campaign manager in 2011.

What is your current position, and what do you mainly have to do?

My current position is International Account Director, and I usually…

…Get in contact with prospects to start a collaboration presenting Tradedoubler and its services.
…Prepare and send over the contract managing the commercial proposal.
…Help international colleagues in creating international proposals for their prospects.
…Do upsell on active international clients and try to make clients expand their business to more countries.
…Support local AM to create a better strategy for their local and international clients.
…Do new business development in terms of new local prospects on all Tradedoubler services.

What is so special about your daily work?

The special thing is the possibility to get involved in different situations and have the opportunity to always propose something new to the clients (as Tradedoubler is always careful about market trends). Also to have the possibility to be part of the Company’s strategy.

What do you think differentiates Tradedoubler from other employers?

Always be proactive to news in the market and have the opportunity to test (and maybe fail) without being disappointed.

Were there any special/funny/sad/notable moments during this time? What were they? Did they do something for you?

I can say that there have been different funny and special moments during these 10 years. I’m referring in particular to all the team building we had during those years and that always helped to know us better and to better understand how to help each other.

A big thank you, Veronica, for this great Interview and your fantastic job over the last 10 years. We look forward to more years with you at Tradedoubler!

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