10 years with Artur Michalak

Artur Michalak started his career when he joined Tradedoubler. Because there, he was able to work his way up with different positions and successfully work for several locations. We are happy that he has been part of Tradedoubler for such a long time.

Artur Michalak
Artur Michalak, Head of Operations CEE

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Artur, head of operations in CEE/APAC (yes, the one who’s always asking if there’s an advertiser ready to launch some CEE/APAC countries), proud father of two children and keen football fan.

Can you tell us more about your role and background?

For over two years now, I have been working to establish a significant Tradedoubler presence in the CEE and APAC regions, with my colleague Adrianna and the support of our great Polish team.

I chose this path intentionally, and there are still some moments in my everyday life when it seems unbelievable. However, it seems like a natural move at the same time, as I used to work in two other Tradedoubler offices in the past and it dawned on me I still want to work on an international project after coming back to Warsaw from Stockholm and Munich, where I stayed with my family for over one year in total (warm greetings for my colleagues from Swedish and German teams!).

In what ways has Tradedoubler changed since you started?

I have the impression that we have significantly evolved from one of the many affiliate agencies that mainly offer affiliate marketing services to a true performance marketing partner and the best choice for advertisers who just want to run and increase their business in a cost-efficient and optimised way. This is what performance marketing is ultimately about, isn’t it?

What was the main reason for joining Tradedoubler?

It seemed like a smart move, at least for a couple of years, to join an international company and learn some digital marketing stuff. Turned out this journey took some more time than planned, and obviously, there’s still plenty to learn and experience here!

What is your favourite part of your job? What excites you the most?

To work with people from different countries. There are days when I have calls with people from 5-6 different countries, which is a really wonderful experience to have. Getting to know them, their approach to doing performance marketing business, and enabling them to be part of our project doesn’t stop to excite me, and I don’t think it stops somewhere soon.

What convinced you to work here for 10 years?

There are definitely many opportunities to develop, and a team of great managers allows me to do so. I joined Tradedoubler 10 years ago as an Account Manager, and it was the starting point of a great journey. Two years later, I became a team leader, I joined the Swedish team for one interesting project, and the German team for another, and then I became team leader of the CEE project, which continues today.

The only sad thing is – I still don’t know how this time passed so fast! However, I believe the reason can be that I was not bored for a second here. Is not that something that the job is about?

What is unique about Tradedoubler for you?

I would vote for the people – their authenticity, honesty, and positive attitude. Wherever I worked within Tradedoubler, I found support and enthusiasm from people who knew why they go to work every morning, to work with the same wonderful colleagues.

What was your funniest moment at Tradedoubler?

Maybe not funniest but for sure one of the most touching and unforgettable – during the project in Stockholm my second child was born there. I am joking with my wife, who really loves Sweden, and she fell in love with this country during our stay there, that at least she has a souvenir from Scandinavia she will remember forever!

Do you have an important point to tell us?

Follow your hearts when it says it can be tough but still worth it, because in most cases it brings something wonderful to happen.

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