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Programmatic video advertising

A third of time online is spent watching video, a format that is proven to be three times more engaging than any other. Our technology scans the environment and the video content the viewer selects to play, identifying specific keywords and categories to precisely target the right audience with programmatic video ads.

Brand  safety KPIs Full Transparency
  • We ensure the video content is brand-safe
  • We block videos that may harm your brand’s image, such as videos containing inappropriate sounds, including gun shots, and keywords that relate to violence etc.
  • We identify and block fake pre-rolls
  • Fraud free inventory: no bot activity, impression fraud, pixel stuffing or fake pre-rolls
  • Measure viewability, based on IAB’s standard (50% of the ad content seen for 2 seconds), or select your own custom measure
  • Measure VTR (view through rate)
  • Measure CTR (click through rate)
  • You approve our site list in advance
  • We give you personalised reporting so that you can review campaign performance based on your KPIs and goals
  • We provide a full report with all the campaign data


  • Viewability measure above industry standard
  • Network of over 10,000 premium websites
  • Demographic and contextual targeting
  • Whitelist and blacklist according to client needs
  • Access to reporting platform


  • You only pay for the videos that are watched
  • Extensive network provides inventory to target your audience across Europe
  • Engage with the right audience
  • Protect your brand by ensuring no inappropriate video content is displayed
  • Transparency and accountability of campaign performance