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Programmatic mobile advertising

Our Digital Connections study uncovered that half of consumers that make a purchase on a desktop or laptop, research their purchase on a mobile. In a multi-device world, a programmatic mobile solution should form an essential part of any digital advertising campaign.

TD ENGAGE Mobile delivers programmatic ads on smartphones and tablets, across multiple operating systems, in-app and on the mobile web.
Specific KPIs and mobile orientated tactics are required to generate the maximum value from mobile advertising. Our in-house mobile advertising experts analyse clients’ needs and develop campaigns that address their target audiences with suitable ads that lead to a desired outcome, such as a conversion or a lead.


  • Premium European network with more than 75 million unique visitors per month
  • Exclusive mobile publishers covering a full range of audience interests, including a unique partnership with Shazam
  • App publisher inventory dedicated to app promotion
  • Choose from a wide range of KPIs to optimise against
  • Content creation expertise available to tailor ads for different tactics and KPIs


  • Large reach ensures a brand can access its target audience across Europe
  • Work with mobile first publishers and secure premium placements
  • Support app download campaigns with a dedicated inventory of app specialist publishers
  • Achieve objectives with flexibility to work across many different metrics
  • Creative is optimised for campaign objectives and KPIs