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Full service programmatic solution

Our in-house team of experts understand the complex digital eco-system, they work with clients to tailor and deliver highly effective campaigns which are optimised towards our clients’ goals and KPIs.

Each campaign is unique

We start by understanding your objectives and use our technology to gain insights into the behaviour of your customers throughout their purchase journeys. We use these data insights to tailor
programmatic campaigns that are optimised against your goals.

Campaigns are designed by identifying the most effective inventory and tactics across all formats and devices at each stage of the consumer purchase journey.

Engage with your target audience anytime and anywhere

TD ENGAGE is connected with all of the main ad networks and exchanges. Our network has a global reach with a combined web and mobile inventory of more than 80 billion daily impressions. Harnessing this inventory allows us to programmatically deliver advertising across any device and in any format.

Data is key

Analysing data is a key challenge for digital marketers. We concentrate on understanding purchase behaviour by analysing user journey data. Our programmatic technology understands live customer purchase behaviour and enables us to optimise campaign performance.

TD ENGAGE is powered by a combination of first and third party data sources. Using first party data we are able to target based on demographics, contextual information and behavioural insights. Partnerships with third party data providers allow us to combine additional data sets to increase the reach of programmatic campaigns.


  • TD ENGAGE is connected with all the main ad networks and ad exchanges; its web and mobile inventory has a combined reach of more than 80 billion daily impressions
  • Inventory can be whitelisted and blacklisted according to your needs
  • First party data allows targeting to be tailored, based on demographics, contextual information, analysis of the customer and behaviour insights
  • We use the most appropriate tactics and channels to deliver on your objectives
  • Precision targeted ad-serving, reaching the right customer, at the right time, with the right message
  • Advertising only appears where it will have a significant impact on campaign objectives


  • Effective targeting of your audiences via our extensive European reach
  • Your brand is fully protected: ads only appear on agreed websites
  • Accurately target the right people, at the right time, with the right ad
  • Target, reach, and engage with consumers throughout their online purchase journeys to drive awareness, interest and intent to buy
  • Marketing budgets are optimised and accountable