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Our affiliate solution, delivering measurable results for your business

TD CONVERT is our affiliate marketing solution where advertisers pay only for the delivery of agreed results – usually sales or leads. If you are a publisher you can use TD CONVERT to connect with our 2,000 advertiser clients and monetise your website. TD CONVERT comprises of a range of different solutions including tracking, campaign management and reporting.

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We have 19 years of expertise in delivering successful affiliate marketing solutions for our clients and will work with you to optimise the results of your campaigns.



  • International network of 180,000 website publishers
  • A variety of publisher business models to drive traffic and deliver required results
  • Our market-leading technology platform delivers accurate and reliable tracking of the online customer journeys leading up to a desired transaction
  • An innovative suite of APIs to facilitate efficient communication between advertisers and publishers
  • 19 years of affiliate marketing expertise
  • Our business intelligence platform, TD ADAPT, gives you actionable data-driven insights into the performance of your affiliate campaigns


  • Advertisers pay only for performance – ie pre-agreed results, for example sales or leads
  • For publishers, TD CONVERT provides a scalable mechanism for monetising their traffic
  • Accurate and reliable tracking means you can be confident that your affiliate marketing is delivering the desired results
  • With our market leading expertise you can be sure that your activity is optimised to deliver against your KPIs
  • You have full visibility of the performance of your programmes giving you the data and insights you need to deliver smarter results