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Our white label global partner management platform

TD CONNECT is our white-label global partner management solution.  It allows you to track and manage all your digital marketing activity, whether that’s digital channels such as search, display, email or individual traffic sources or affiliate partners.

TD CONNECT can be used as an in-house tracking and channel de-duplication platform or as an affiliate management solution.  You can use it to assign commissions to your partners and to attribute spend based on performance.

It is powered by the same technology as our affiliate network, so you are assured of the same functionality and high performance to manage your digital marketing and deliver smarter results.





  • Globally distributed tracking that is accurate and reliable across different devices and even when cookies are not present
  • Our reporting suite allows cross-channel deduplication to ensure that sales are correctly attributed
  • Conversions API can push information to your partners in real time
  • TD ADAPT is our powerful business intelligence platform that gives you complete visibility on the performance of all your digital activity
  • We are able to handle all your payment activity, paying your partners across the globe in the currency of their choice
  • You can incorporate your brand look and feel into our white label interfaces
  • Tradedoubler’s intelligent ad serving technology is tailored to the demands of digital marketing.  You can serve and manage display ads, product feeds, vouchers and other affiliate formats through a single interface


  • Cost saving: you manage your key partners in-house, saving costs and time
  • Full visibility of the online journeys of your customers, based on your KPIs, through TD ADAPT. You can drill down into your performance data and see the results you need to see
  • Cross channel reporting means you understand the role that all your digital channels play in delivering a return on investment
  • Branding: you can brand TD CONNECT in line with your look and feel and using your KPIs
  • Automated payments: facilitate smooth management of payments to all your partners: payments can be made in the currency of their choice and exchange rate risks are minimised
  • TD CONNECT is a flexible, customisable partner management platform. It will ensure that your digital marketing is optimised, accountable and delivers smarter results for your business