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Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Tradedoubler is a Swedish public limited liability company with its registered office in Stockholm. Tradedoubler’s share has been quoted on NASDAQ Stockholm since 2005.

The governance of Tradedoubler is divided among the following parties; the shareholders at the annual general meeting (AGM), the board of directors, the CEO and the group management in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, the articles of association and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code). The board of directors has chosen to jointly handle the duties pertaining to the audit committee according to the Code and the Swedish Companies Act, but which also may be handled by the board as a whole. In all other respects, Tradedoubler has applied the Code without deviation during 2017.

The annual general meeting is Tradedoubler’s highest decision-making body in which shareholders exercise their rights to decide on the affairs of the company and where each share carries one vote. Shareholders are informed via Tradedoubler’s website of their entitlement to have an item addressed at the Annual General Meeting.

For further information, see the Corporate governance section in the annual report.