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International opportunities

Tradedoubler is a leading international performance marketing partner for over 2,000 global brands and 180,000 international publishers. We have offices in nine European countries and in Singapore. We are often able to offer the opportunity to work internationally – here are some experiences of employees who have worked for Tradedoubler in different countries.

  • Artur Michalak was employed in Poland and is now based in Sweden for nine months

    I started working at Tradedoubler Poland in May 2012. Today I am working as Client Development Director, taking care of key Polish Tradedoubler clients, especially within the finance industry. At the same time I manage a team of 5 people in the Polish office, being responsible for their well-being and results. The best thing about working at Tradedoubler is the opportunity to develop. I still have the feeling I learn a lot, broaden my experience and expertise not only in the digital marketing field, but also as a manager of one of the client service teams, which makes me feel even more enthusiastic and satisfied every day. In 2017 I wanted to gain digital marketing experience in a different country than Poland, so looking for this possibility internally was an obvious thing to do. Luckily, this was possible within Tradedoubler, which enabled me to follow my dream. I am now spending a couple of months working as a Client Development Director in the Stockholm office.

    Artur Michalak - Client Development Director
  • Anna Lennerup experienced working in different roles and countries before moving to Madrid

    Almost ten years ago I had the opportunity to join Tradedoubler working in the technical support team. Now as a Senior Technical Client Manager I am still part of the technical team but have since then worked in different job positions, in two different countries and within different teams. Working in two different offices and countries gives you a great perspective of how the cultural aspect affects our work and organizational structures. This makes you humble and richer by giving you a new perspective that you didn’t have before. I now work for the Nordic team but am based in Madrid for two years. I am very grateful for this opportunity and it’s these opportunities that make Tradedoubler a great place to work. I learn new things each day from the team here in Madrid and feel that I have a lot of possibilities to develop both as an individual and professionally. The reason I wanted to move to Madrid was that I have been living here on various occasions and I feel very at home. I also love to get to know new cultures and languages so improving my Spanish is one big reason. I talked to my manager about the possibility to go back to Madrid with Tradedoubler and as I was working for an international team at that moment it helped in the process. My advice is to have the courage to ask and experience to work abroad.

    Anna Lennerup - Senior Technical Client Manager
  • Mark Bunce was employed in the UK and is now based in Madrid for a couple of months

    I started at Tradedoubler as a Client Development Manager in London, in August 2015. Today I am working as a Senior International Client Manager, Client Services. My role is to work with our biggest clients that operate in multiple markets to coordinate the strategy, and ensure learnings are shared between all stakeholders. The best thing about working at Tradedoubler is the opportunity, whether it’s moving to a new country or progressing your career, it’s all there for the taking at Tradedoubler, and the company will support you all the way. I wanted a new adventure and to learn a new language. My current international position at Tradedoubler made this possible. The team in Madrid had everything ready for me when I arrived, were very welcoming and made sure I got involved with all social activities. I plan to stay here in Madrid until at least November 2018.

    Mark Bunce - Senior International Client Development Manager
  • Alejandra Sansegundo worked in the Madrid office for three years before moving to our Paris offices.

    I started to work for Tradedoubler about three years ago and back then I had no idea what it would be like. It is great to be part of such a big family here. There is a very positive environment and you are always encouraged to take up new opportunities. This has been my case as I moved from the Madrid office to the Paris one to continue working for TD CONNECT, our technology department. This new experience is enriching on both personal and professional levels. Living in the city of light is an amazing experience in itself but even better is the way have been welcomed by the team from day one.
    I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this new endeavour, incorporating knowledge from a different market, and benefiting from the cultural exchange. Tradedoubler is a company that knows well how to adapt to changing circumstances but yet it is also open to empowering its own staff with fresh and exciting challenges. Be the change! Be the change you want to be!

    Alejandra Sansegundo - Senior Client Development Manager Technology