The integration of Onbaz into Metapic

Do you want to do live video shopping with influencers? The integration of Onbaz into Metapic makes it possible for you!

Onbaz makes it easy for bands and content creators to work with live video shopping. The difference to most of today’s alternatives is the simple working process, comparatively low costs, and efficient performance for companies.

The impact of the integration

The integration of Onbaz into Metapic makes it possible for brands to let content creators do live video shopping while using Metapic affiliate tracking model. This means, no need for integrations or investments in software to get started with live video shopping. And the best: It’s limitless in terms of number of streams and creators!

That also means brands can set up live video shopping campaigns all over Europe in a simple way. They can choose their best content creator to reach their target group of between 60.000 different influencers. Brands can also embed the live video shopping experience on their website and promote this event.

Also, Onbaz users profit from this integration. They get their own live video shopping channel (whether you are an influencer or a brand) where all content is stored. Additionally, the channel can build followers and like any social media account.

At last, we have not forgotten the publishers – These can offer live video shopping on their websites. The publishers choose what categories they want to show, and all created content on Onbaz within that categories will appear in a widget on the publisher’s websites. That gives brands greater reach as well as viewers, and publishers get a better on-site experience through social commerce.

Why should brands do live video shopping?

Through live video shopping, brands can promote and sell their products and services through live streams. The aim is to provide consumers with an interactive experience and allow them to ask questions and buy products during the live stream.

Metapic and Onbaz make it possible to carry out this process globally as well as locally and help brands appear more frequently. By recording the live shopping show, people who cannot be present at the live stream can also watch it afterward and thus don’t miss out on being reached.

Meet Metapic and Onbaz at OMR

On 9 and 10 May, our experts for live video shopping will be at the OMR! Visit us at the Tradedoubler stand (Premium Hall A1, Stand G06) and get more information in a personal conversation with our experts!

Do you have questions before? You can always get in touch with us here >>

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