Tradedoubler and Adnologies

In January 2015 Tradedoubler acquired Adnologies.  Adnologies has now been integrated into Tradedoubler and no longer exists as a separate company.

Tradedoubler is an international performance marketing company. We exist to help digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results through traffic, technology and expertise. Click here to find out more about how we do this.  

Our global partner platform 

Our proprietary global partner management platform allows you to plug in all your channels and partners and to track and manage all your digital marketing activities in one system.
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Targeted, personalised advertising

We create data-driven insights into the behaviour and intentions of your current and potential customers and target them with personalised advertising that is optimised against your KPIs.
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We have unrivalled expertise in performance marketing. ADAPT, our industry-leading business intelligence tool, allows you to understand the online journeys of your customers.

Your digital marketing activity is transparent, accountable and optimised to deliver smarter results.
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For more information about Tradedoubler and how we can help you deliver smarter results, please contact


Address: ADNOLOGIES GmbH | Caffamacherreihe 8D-20355 Hamburg / Germany