Tracking, reporting and deduplication

Tradedoubler’s performance marketing network is built on a rigorous approach to deduplication, tracking and reporting that delivers a clear overview of activity for advertisers and publishers, enables on-going marketing optimisation, and ensures publishers are fairly rewarded for the results they generate.

Deduplication software prevents advertisers paying several times for the same conversion. We have developed industry-leading proprietary tracking and dedupe technology to monitor activity across the Tradedoubler network, and use multiple tracking methods to ensure complete accuracy of reporting. Our tracking and dedupe systems work across both online and mobile activity, ensuring all affiliate activity is reliably tracked across devices. 

In addition, advertisers can include third-party tracking via Container Tags, as part of their overall implementation with  Tradedoubler. This enables them to co-ordinate tracking across their different performance marketing channels. 

The clear and complete data provided through this rigorous approach to tracking and deduplication provides advertisers and publishers with a powerful range of tools for analysing performance and driving profitable growth: 

Ensuring network quality

As well as our strong focus on tracking and accurate reporting, we are committed to ensuring the overall quality of the Tradedoubler network. We have a dedicated network quality team and use proprietary, industry-leading tools to ensure the quality of our traffic and deliver a consistently fair environment for publishers.

Flexible reporting options

Access immediate overviews through the Tradedoubler customer interface, or choose from a broad range of more detailed bespoke reports. Publishers and advertisers can subscribe to receive reports automatically and our API report formats make it easy to integrate data with your own reporting systems. Advertisers can run reports including publisher performance overviews and top movers. Publisher reports include account balance, payments and top products, to enable optimisation of their programmes.

Advanced tracking solutions:

Product level tracking

Tradedoubler’s tracking and reporting systems allow product-level tracking, through which advertisers can set commission levels by individual product or product groups to drive promotions or support new launches. This enables advertisers to link their affiliate marketing activity more closely to product volumes and run more targeted and time-sensitive promotions.

 Mobile tracking

Our tracking and reporting provides an integrated overview of all activity on the Tradedoubler network, including all traffic through mobile devices.

Our App Download Tracking technology enables advertisers to monitor their installed-app base with clear attribution of downloads to activity across our network.

Call tracking

With Tradedoubler’s call tracking technology, affiliate conversions completed over the phone can be tracked, accredited and integrated into performance reports. Our call tracking supports Cost-per-Call payment models.

An integrated view of performance marketing activity 

Tradedoubler Technology customers can access tracking, ad serving and deduplication software for an integrated overview of the user journey across all of their performance marketing activity: Tradedoubler traffic and their own private networks.

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