Targeting and retargeting technologies

Tradedoubler provides advertisers with a full range of targeting and retargeting technologies, designed to drive conversions on our network. Through the Tradedoubler network, performance advertising campaigns can drive conversions using retargeting, or target campaigns and programmes at specific audiences with our range of Geo-targeting, IP targeting, Interest Based Advertising (IBA targeting) or OS and Browser targeting technologies.

In addition, our dynamic optimisation systems ensure continued relevance by matching the best display ads to the best audiences.  

Tradedoubler targeting and optimisation tools:


Retargeting drives conversions for performance advertising campaigns by serving targeted ads and offers to users based on their previous actions. We offer retargeting based on users viewing ads, receiving newsletters and visiting specific websites and pages, including viewing different products on an advertiser’s site or visiting a Facebook fan page. Retargeting can similarly be used to target consumers who have not previously been exposed to an ad or offer on the Tradedoubler network.


With our ISP-based Geo-targeting solution you can target campaigns and programmes to specific countries, regions, even residents of particular cities. Our flexible approach to Geo-targeting enables you to define the boundaries of your Geo-targeting area rather than choosing pre-determined regions, and our country targeting functionality means you can easily find potential customers even when they surf from abroad.

IP targeting

Through IP targeting your activity can reach users connecting to the web using a specific Internet Service Provider (ISP). Tradedoubler’s IP database enables campaigns to target specific businesses as well as companies of a certain size, or organisations operating in a specific sector.

Interest Based Advertising (IBA targeting)

Tradedoubler’s Interest Based Advertising solution targets users based on their interest profile. Advertising campaigns can reach consumers based on the prior interest they have shown in areas such as sports, travel and news.

OS and Browser targeting

OS and Browser targeting reaches audiences based on the Operating System and/or browser that they are using. As part of Tradedoubler’s mobile affiliate solution, OS and Browser targeting enables campaigns to reach owners of specific smartphones or tablet devices.

Dynamic optimisation tools

Tradedoubler’s automated ad serving technology optimises display advertising on an ongoing basis, matching programmes to the best performing affiliate sites and ensuring on-going relevance for all advertising.

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