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Tradedoubler offers a range of easy-to-use technologies and tools to maximise affiliate income for publishers and support those who are becoming an affiliate for the first time.

Our range of publisher support tools includes solutions for adding ads and product feeds to websites quickly and easily, and for managing a range of different creatives and products from affiliate programmes. They are designed to help publishers realise their potential for earning affiliate income – and to provide advertisers with a varied and flexible range of affiliate sites.

 Tradedoubler tools for publishers:

Get ads served to your site automatically

Our automated ad code technology enables affiliate publishers to start serving ads on their website within minutes. Generate your automated ad code through the Tradedoubler Publisher Interface, add it to the HTML code of your website, and you are ready to display ads. When you generate the code, you will specify the content of your website and the ad formats you want to use. You can also specify a mobile or PC-based site. Tradedoubler takes care of everything else, optimising the mix of display ads that appear on your site to drive the maximum possible revenue for the number of visitors you receive (often referred to as eCPM).

Join Open Programmes

By joining Tradedoubler’s open affiliate programmes through the Publisher Interface, publishers are able to start earning affiliate income quickly, without the need to apply to specific advertiser programmes. Used in conjunction with automated ad serving, open programmes make it easy to earn commission revenue quickly when becoming an affiliate or when looking to monetise your site more effectively.

Controlling how product feeds appear on your site

Tradedoubler tools make it easy for publishers to design ads or content templates for displaying product feeds on their website. As a publisher, you can select content from an affiliate programme’s product database and then follow simple steps to design a template controlling how the feed will appear on your site. Through settings in the Publisher Interface, you can automatically optimise the selection of product feeds appearing within your template.

Rotate different ads through the same ad unit

Tradedoubler’s platform enables publishers to rotate a range of different ads through a single ad unit. As a publisher, you are able to create a ‘pool’ of selected ads and then set your own rules for how and when they rotate. You can optimise the selection of ads based on performance, combine brand and product offers, or run time-limited promotions. The system enables you to run ads from a range of different affiliate programmes with minimal demands on your time.

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