Our performance payment models: CPA marketing and more

Tradedoubler offers a range of exciting possibilities for advertisers looking to drive profitable sales growth or marketing ROI. By running affiliate programs using a Cost-per-Acquisition or CPA marketing model, you can use our network as a virtual sales channel and revenue driver for your business. And we apply the same pay-for-performance principle to a range of other marketing objectives.

Besides CPA marketing, we use the affiliate principle of paying only for specific converting actions to drive ROI through Cost-per-Lead, Cost-per-Download and Cost-per-Call, and to maximise the performance of CPC marketing and CPM advertising campaigns.

Our range of innovative payment models includes the option of setting commission levels by product, to reflect business priorities and add precision to CPA marketing programmes. And we are leading the way in developing our mobile affiliate network, a channel that offers new opportunities for CPA marketing and Cost-per-Download, as well as other models.

Our range of tracking and reporting systems enables on-going optimisation of affiliate programs and performance campaigns, and we use best-in-class tools and rigorous manual screening to ensure the quality of results across our network.

Our performance marketing models:

CPA marketing

Running an affiliate program using a Cost-per-Acquisition or CPA marketing model guarantees a profitable return on marketing investment, since commission is only paid to publishers when a sale takes place. CPA marketing is a powerful tool for affiliate programs and Tradedoubler’s unique combination of powerful network and flexible affiliate management technology helps our customers take full advantage of its potential.

Cost-per-Lead (CPL)

Cost-per-Lead or CPL models focus on generating concrete sales leads through sign-ups or other converting actions and are a powerful tool for launching new products or moving consumers through the purchase funnel for high-value items.


Ideal for campaigns looking to build loyalty or drive consumer engagement, Cost-per-Download focuses on consumers downloading a specified resource. Used in conjunction with our App Download Tracking, Cost-per-Download is a powerful tool for performance campaigns on mobile.


Used in conjunction with our call tracking technology, Cost-per-Call models are ideal for high-value products, giving consumers the option of purchasing over the phone.

CPC advertising

Cost-per-Click advertising campaigns pay commission for clicks generated to your website and are an important measure for online campaigns aimed at generating and measuring awareness and interest.

CPM advertising

CPM refers to Cost-per-Mille or Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions. CPM advertising campaigns can leverage mid to long-tail publishers on the Tradedoubler network to add reach and deliver impressions at a very competitive cost. As an advertiser you are able to specify site environments and use our specialist tracking technology and a range of targeting tools to avoid duplication and maximise exposure to your target audience.

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