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Consumers’ experience of the internet is increasingly a mobile one, with ever-greater numbers of people interacting with brands, researching products and completing purchases through their smartphones and tablets.

Through Tradedoubler’s rapidly expanding mobile affiliate network, advertisers can extend their existing performance marketing through mobile advertising, driving sales, engagement and loyalty through a device that never leaves their customer’s side.

The Tradedoubler mobile affiliate network gives publishers the opportunity to maximise the potential of mobile affiliate traffic for their businesses and earn more revenue from their mobile sites. Through the Publisher Interface, they can search for mobile-ready affiliate programs that include mobile advertising formats. The ads we serve are optimised for performance on an on-going basis to maximise conversions.

Both advertiser and publisher are assured transparency through our mobile affiliate network, as our technology tracks conversions from smartphones and tablets whether they take place through mobile-enabled sites, within apps or through standard websites accessed from a mobile.

Key advantages of the Tradedoubler mobile network:

Extend your business model to the mobile space

Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, Tradedoubler’s mobile affiliate network will enable you to extend your business model into the mobile space through your existing point of contact. Our mobile affiliate network means you can take advantage of the rapid growth of m-commerce and plan integrated affiliate programs across PCs, tablets and smartphones.

We help advertisers convert their affiliate programs to become mobile-ready. For publishers, our mobile affiliate network provides an effective way to maximise earnings from their mobile inventory.

A dedicated mobile team to maximise your mobile affiliate traffic

Our mobile team is focused on building our mobile affiliate network and using their dedicated expertise to drive traffic from smartphones and tablets to your mobile sites and apps.

Provide a better mobile experience for consumers

We’ll help you to develop the tools you need to reach consumers more effectively through mobile and apps, and drive greater engagement and revenue.

Choose from a range of mobile affiliate and advertising models

Our mobile network supports a flexible range of performance metrics and payment models, including Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA), Cost-per-Lead (CPL) and Cost-per-Install (CPI), which is ideally suited to building an install-base for mobile apps.

Detailed tracking of mobile affiliate activity

Our affiliate platform provides an accurate and integrated overview of the customer journey, and tracks sales, leads and installs whether they take place on your traditional website, on your mobile site or within your mobile app.

Through Tradedoubler’s App Download Tracking technology, advertisers can optimise and incentivise affiliate publishers to drive app downloads and build customer engagement and loyalty. We also offer the potential to monitor the revenue that app users generate after they have installed your app. 

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