Product feeds and integrated affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing solutions such as product feeds, voucher codes and call tracking, provide flexible options for integrating product information within site content, driving engagement and increasing conversions.

These integrated product formats respond to consumers’ demand for price comparisons, discounts and the need to speak to a person directly for high-value purchases.

Tradedoubler’s technology makes it simple for advertisers to stay in control of product feeds and voucher code content, synchronises updates to feeds and voucher codes across the network, and ensures quality content-style presentation of product that adds value for publishers. Through our product-level tracking technology, advertisers can adjust commission levels for individual products, driving increased sales in priority areas.

We are committed to innovation when it comes to evolving new affiliate marketing solutions, including leveraging the potential of mobile affiliate marketing.

Our range of integrated product marketing solutions:

Product feeds

Product feeds are an ideal format for price comparison sites and other publishers looking to consolidate product information for consumers. Product feeds can be supplied in a range of formats including XML and CSV files, and are converted into site content with descriptions, images, pricing information and more. Click-throughs are deep-linked to product pages, pre-qualifying users and bringing them closer to a purchase.

Voucher codes

Voucher codes, also known as promotional codes, e-vouchers and discount codes, provide consumers with a simple and increasingly popular option for saving money when buying their favourite brands and products and are a powerful tool for mobile affiliate programs. Voucher codes function in a similar way to product feeds, with content-style presentation, synchronised updates across the network, and links direct to product or offer pages. Automatic voucher codes can be created and downloaded in an instant using an API that connects directly to our platform.

Call tracking

Tradedoubler’s call tracking solutions enable consumers to complete high-value purchases over the phone. By allocating unique telephone numbers to affiliate activity through different publishers, we are able to track and incentivise over-the-phone conversions, increasing consumer choice, providing a more complete overview of affiliate programs and increasing sales and commission.

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