Our performance-driving affiliate network

Tradedoubler’s performance network is built around the affiliate network principle of paying only for actual sales or conversions.

We incentivise our publishers to drive results across a range of performance metrics and payment models, using display ad formats and a range of integrated affiliate marketing solutions.

Our payment models: CPA marketing and more

We offer a flexible range of payment models for advertisers looking to drive profitable sales growth or marketing ROI. Pay for conversions using CPA metrics, drive leads and engagement through CPL and CPD, or maximise the performance of CPC and CPM campaigns.

Product feeds and other integrated marketing solutions

Our innovative approach to product feeds, voucher codes and call tracking enables advertisers to integrate product calls to action within site content and drive increased conversions through our affiliate network.

Display advertising formats

We offer a range of advertising formats, across online and mobile, for both affiliate network programmes and performance marketing campaigns.

Targeting and retargeting technologies

Drive conversions and ensure your campaign delivers the clicks and exposures that count through our range of targeting and retargeting technologies.

Contextual advertising

Our contextual advertising solution automatically matches ads and product feeds to the most relevant publisher websites and pages.

Mobile affiliate and performance marketing

Extend your performance marketing and drive increased affiliate revenues through a device that never leaves your consumer’s side.

Solutions for publishers 

Tradedoubler offers a range of network tools for publishers who are looking to monetise their sites more effectively, or who are becoming an affiliate for the first time.

Tracking, reporting and deduplication

Our rigorous approach to tracking, reporting and deduplication ensures that publishers are paid fairly for the conversions they deliver. While our network quality team delivers advertisers’ peace of mind by ensuring the quality of traffic across our network.

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