Optimise your site to make money online

Explore how to make money online more effectively with our tools and ideas for optimising your sites to earn affiliate income.

Do the simple things first

Read our getting started guide for some simple steps to optimise your site and make money online. Like signing up for our open affiliate programs and applying automated ad codes to your site so the ads that appear are always timely and relevant, and optimised for performance on an on-going basis. If you run mobile-ready sites, classify these when you generate ad codes, so that you can earn increased revenue through our mobile affiliate network.

Drive more conversions with relevant ads

Users are far more likely to click on an ad or a product feed when it’s relevant to their reasons for visiting your site. The question of how to make money online often comes down to matching the right ads and products to relevant site content. We use contextual advertising systems to match ads to relevant sites and you can manually select the categories of advertising that are relevant to your site in the Publisher Interface.

Use the right ad and product formats

Our network supports a powerful range of display ads and formats that you can integrate into the content of your site designed to drive conversions and help you to make money online. Besides a range of online display ads, you can choose to run product feeds, which maximise the chances of a conversion by sending interested consumers direct to product pages, and discount voucher codes, which drive conversions through offering compelling discounts. We provide easy-to-use tools and templates to help you present product feeds and voucher codes in compelling designs that fit your site content.

Choose the payment models that work for you

Our affiliate programs and performance campaigns use a range of different payment models, which means that there are several different ways to make money online through our network. CPA models reward you for sales that are generated by the traffic you send to an advertiser site, and other models reward you for clicks, downloads, leads and conversions. If your site is better suited to particular payment models, then you can search for campaigns running these specific models using the Publisher Interface.

Optimise the mix of ads on your site

Our range of publisher reports give you a clear insight into the best-performing campaigns and programs that appear on your site, and how much commission they earn you. You can use this to decide which programmes you apply for in the future, and the types of ads, product feeds and formats that you run on your site.

In addition, our publisher tools enable you to rotate ads from a pool of different campaigns through a single ad unit, with Tradedoubler software automatically optimising the frequency with which ads appear based on their performance in driving conversions.

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