Affiliate program management for publishers

Our performance marketing network uses advanced tracking and reporting that delivers a clear overview of activity and ensures publishers are fairly rewarded for the results they generate. We use multiple tracking methods to ensure complete accuracy of reporting, and we handle all aspects of commission collection, paying the money into your specified account. When you apply to programs you will be able to check their commission payment terms so you know when to expect the money that you earn.

Through the Publisher Interface, you can access an immediate overview of the commission you are earning through affiliate programs, the relative contribution of sales, clicks, leads and impressions, and your overall eCPM (Earnings-per-Thousand Impressions). You can view over day, week, and month-long periods, and compare to the previous period to see how the performance of your affiliate programs is developing.

For more in-depth affiliate program management information, you can download a range of detailed publisher reports, including the top revenue-earning affiliate programs on your sites. You can use these reports to help optimise your selection of affiliate programs and run the ads and product feeds that have the best track record for earning you commission.

We also provide a range of tools to optimise the ads on your site automatically, which increases the amount you can earn. These include systems that rotate a pool of relevant ads through a single ad space on your site, automatically optimising so that the best-performing ads are served more frequently. You can find more information in our section on optimising your site to make money online.

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