Become an affiliate in four easy steps

In taking the decision to become an affiliate, you’re already a step closer to earning money from your website on an on-going basis. And with Tradedoubler’s easy-to-use ‘getting started’ tools, you could start earning commission straight away. 

Here are our four simple steps explaining how to make money from a website through the Tradedoubler network:

Step 1: Register on our network

Use the link on the right of this page to register on the Tradedoubler network. It takes less than a minute to become an affiliate and access a range of publisher tools to help generate revenue through your site.

Step 2: Get ads and product feeds on your site

Get ready to earn affiliate income with our easy-to-use publisher tools. When you become an affiliate, you’ll be able to sign up for our open advertiser programs and add a simple piece of ad code to your site. Once you’ve done this, we can start serving ads to your site straight away.

If you’re an app developer, publisher or operate a mobile-ready website, then you will be able to specify this as part of the sign-up process and connect to mobile-ready advertisers through our mobile affiliate network.

Step 3: Apply for different programs and campaigns

Search our range of advertiser affiliate programs and performance marketing campaigns and apply for the ones that are most relevant to your site.

Step 4: Keep track of how you’re doing

Through the Publisher Interface, you’ll get an immediate overview of how much commission you have earned. You can download detailed reports to see which affiliate programs are earning you the most. Use our publisher tools to optimise your site or app around these and learn how to make money from your website more effectively.

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