Tradedoubler helps advertisers to track the full sales cycle of voucher codes from offline to online and prevent revenue leakage

Customers sign up to Voucher Code Tracking including Dell, The Body Shop (UK), bonprix (Germany), Yves Rocher (Benelux), frontlineshop (Germany), CDON (Nordics) and Omnicom Affiliates (UK)

London, 02 December 2013 Tradedoubler, the international leader in performance marketing has today announced the availability of its Voucher Code Tracking, which has been developed to help advertisers: reach new audiences and increase sales; track the full sales cycle from offline to online; and prevent unauthorised voucher code usage. Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking, which is part of Tradedoubler Voucher & Promotion Codes, is being used by customers including Dell, The Body Shop (UK), bonprix (Germany),Yves Rocher (Benelux), frontlineshop (Germany), CDON (Nordics), and Omnicom Affiliates (UK).

News highlights:

  • Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking prevents non-approved publishers from using exclusive voucher codes – protecting the budget and revenue of the advertiser and approved publishers.
  • The solution is fully automated for greater accuracy and efficiency. The commission from exclusive codes is automatically validated, assured and attributed to the correct publisher. Publishers can search, choose and select codes from the Interface or integrate them dynamically through the API.
  • Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking creates a broad range of new media opportunities for the marketing of exclusive vouchers – such as TV, radio and SMS – as the full sales cycle can be tracked from offline to online. Advertisers can see which exclusive vouchers were redeemed at the point-of-purchase, to help them to continually refine their current and future affiliate marketing campaigns for optimal performance.
  • Authorised publishers are incentivised to promote exclusive codes more prominently as commission will only be paid to those publishers, which the exclusive code was issued to. The enhanced tracking feature means you can identify if the sale generated was through an approved publisher or not.

Magnus Nyström, chief technology officer, at Tradedoubler comments: “Having the data to not only understand your consumer’s purchase path but also to understand how and where your voucher code campaigns were used at the point-of-sale, is critical for budgeting and helping to tailor your next campaign. Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking protects the revenue of all parties involved – the advertiser and publishers; plus, the data sets the strategy for your next affiliate marketing programme to boost your revenue streams further.

Kirsty Woolley, affiliates manager at The Body Shop UK comments: “Tradedoubler’s new Voucher Code Tracking functionality is a great tool to ensure all our partners are being rewarded fairly on the programme. The Body Shop has consistent voucher codes being pushed out across the affiliate channel, and in an era where user generated codes are rife this couldn’t be more important, to ensure our partners are happy and confident in the fact they are being rewarded for their efforts in driving the brand forward. In addition, driving offline traffic online to purchase is a big focus for us so the ability to reward publishers using codes in offline media really opens up a whole new consumer and publisher base, and provides additional reach that traditionally we haven’t been able to obtain before on the affiliate platform.” 

To learn more about Tradedoubler Voucher Code Tracking read our blog post, or download this infographic


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