Understanding mobile consumer behaviour

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important and intimate role in consumer lives. They have become ever-present personal assistants. Increasingly, they are merging the physical and digital worlds in a way that lends itself to a huge range of roles, and which has great potential for innovation. Consumers are finding ways for their mobile to add value to almost every area of life. And brands have already identified mobile as a key touchpoint in their dialogue with customers.

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We wanted to understand better the motivations behind consumer behaviour so that we can help our customers shape their mobile affiliate programs and tailor our own product development to maximise the opportunity that mobile presents. With this in mind, we commissioned our own mobile commerce study in four countries: UK, France, Germany and Sweden. 

The survey confirmed that consumers have been extremely quick to involve mobiles in their purchase behaviour – and because, by definition, a mobile can be carried everywhere and used everywhere, consumers are finding innovative ways for their mobile to add value throughout the purchase journey. The research found that 71% of Europeans research purchases using their mobiles and 53% have used their phone to make a purchase. This is no futuristic look at how things might evolve - the opportunity that mobile represents is happening now and is very real.

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Adopt a seamless multi-channel approach to mobile affiliate marketing

In our first whitepaper, Mobile Consumers & You, we discussed how mobile affiliate programs can play a pivotal role in converting mobile research behaviour into purchases.  We know from our mobile consumer research that the proportion of sales completed on a mobile is still relatively small, with in-store conversions and other online channels proving more popular. For retailers seeking to take a slice of the growing mobile commerce pie, this split between conversion channels makes the question of which strategy to adopt when targeting mobile researchers a complex one. 

When considering a mobile affiliate marketing strategy, the requirement is growing for merchants to take a seamless approach across all channels through which mobile researchers choose to convert; seamless from the point of view of the consumers, but also in the way that affiliate conversions are tracked and credited.  For merchants and brands looking to target a wider range of mobile consumers, attractive options for converting mobile research into offline purchases are essential.

The opportunity to redeem mobile vouchers or loyalty points in a store offers brands a route for converting those who struggle with the mobile purchasing experience – and enables affiliates to monetise in-store purchase opportunities for the first time.  In a recent mobile affiliate campaign run by Tradedoubler, which used vouchers to drive incremental sales, half of the voucher codes were redeemed in store.

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Optimize mobile affiliate programs for multiple devices

In our second whitepaper, Mobile Devices & Behaviour, we explore how our mobile commerce research demonstrates that the key to success for mobile affiliate marketing is to adopt a multi-device approach, as consumer engagement and the mobile purchase journey vary considerably depending on mobile device. For example, our study found that iPhone users are embracing mobile commerce more readily than owners of other devices.  46% of iPhone owners research products weekly and 20% buy something every week using their mobile. In contrast, only 30% of Android owners use their device to research purchases and only 10% actually make a mobile purchase. 

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The strategic questions for mobile commerce

Targeting a specific device through native apps seems most appropriate for the iPhone; our survey shows that 75% of users engage with mobile apps on a weekly basis. Moreover, iPhone consumers are as likely to buy through an app as they are through a mobile browser. Advertisers and publishers wanting to reach a broader mobile audience should concentrate on developing optimized mobile sites.  In particular, Android users are more inclined to use their mobile browser (19%) compared to using apps (9%).

How can Tradedoubler help you develop effective mobile affiliate programs?

Tradedoubler’s innovative mobile affiliate solution helps advertisers and publishers use the mobile channel to drive incremental sales.

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