Money on the move: the opportunity for mobile affiliate marketing

More than 50% of mobile users who have ever completed a purchase using their phone now do so every month, according to a unique survey conducted in Sweden, Germany, France and the UK by Tradedoubler and Forrester Consulting.

This comprehensive view of the opportunity for mobile affiliate marketing in the region included 2,000 smartphone owners and reveals significant opportunities for brands to grow their share of this spend.

More than just a niche opportunity for mobile affiliate marketing

Close analysis of the results reveals a key role for  mobile affiliate marketing channels, both in guiding research and driving purchases on mobile devices.

The study revealed that over 70% of smartphone owners had used their phone to research purchases, with 31% doing so on a weekly basis.

Almost a quarter (24%) of those making purchases using a phone have conducted research on comparison shopping sites, whilst 19% of those using a mobile in a store environment are searching for vouchers to download. Also, more than half of all smartphone owners (53%) have bought something other than a small download (such as apps) using their handset, and 27% buy online every month.

Buying attitudes differ by mobile device and country

Merchants and affiliates should tailor their approach to different operating systems and countries, the study suggests. Major differences in buying behaviour and attitudes were shown by owners of devices across different operating systems and across the four markets in the study. For example, iPhone owners were shown to research and purchase on mobile significantly more than other smartphone users.

Smart phone owners in the UK were the most frustrated by the experience of mobile commerce despite the high volume of mobile sales generated from the UK and Germans were the most willing to purchase high ticket items via their mobile.

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